Monday, December 13, 2010

Get A Ripped Body With The Adrian Peterson Workout

This article will cover the Adrian Peterson workout that allowed this Minnesota Vikings running back to be such an offensive threat. Known for his superhuman like abilities and his league leading rushes in a game, Peterson acknowledges that preparation happens off the field and credits the Adrian Peterson workout. The following paragraphs will detail the workout.

Before the season begins, the Adrian Peterson workout will consist of lifting 2-3 times a week. Lifting must also allow cardio, so upper and lower body lifting is tightly co-ordinated. In the off season lifting is done 5 times a week. Upper body would be done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With a goal of 6-10 reps, the exercises consist of lots of dumbbell presses, pull ups, barbell presses and rows. Peterson likes to feel like he is doing work, so you won't find him clocking up miles on the treadmill or stationary bike, he likes to get outside and run. Getting a good sweat up makes him feel like he is getting work done.

Legs are a big priority in the Adrian Peterson workout. Legs are trained Tuesday and Thursday with a slightly higher rep range for some exercises. He loves to work every muscle in his legs from the calves all the way to the hamstrings and quads. Lunges, single squats and full squats are all part of the routine. Plus leg curls, extensions and hip abduction. Peterson's reports it has been a while (college days) since he maxed out on the squat but he did 540 lbs. But now the Adrian Peterson workout usually has him working for higher reps with 315 pound. Adrian feels that the weight may be lighter but the reps more than make up for it. He will try to complete three sets, dropping the target reps each time.

The Adrian Peterson workout has always consisted of a strong work ethic. His hard work on conditioning has led him to be called 'a robot'. Adrian has no doubt much of his success is due to his investment in conditioning and strength training. During university days an Adrian Peterson workout was a little more old school. Adrian could be seen pulling sleds up hills and doing heavy weighted box jumps with 80 pounds. He combined this with resistance training and sandbag work. He worked very hard with hill runs that were done forward and backwards for long time periods.

Working on explosiveness is an important part of the Adrian Peterson workout. A favorite exercises is sprints done length ways across the field. These come from his University of Oklahoma days. They are performed for a triple which is over, back and over again for 150 yards. Four are done after practice with an emphasis on being explosive at the start. Team mates are now joining in the fun of this exercise in the Adrian Peterson workout.

There is no doubt the Adrian Peterson workout yields great results for Adrian. The problem with professional athletes training programs is they can be very time consuming and are not realistic, unless you happen to be a professional athlete. I feel it is possible to get great results from a more efficient training approach. This way it can be more realistic to fit into a normal lifestyle and not one of just a professional athlete.